East Belfast Yacht Club

Unusual sighting of Otter swimming at Sydenham Embayment after having walked along the roadside on Sydenham By Pass. 


Radio broadcast  "The last Boatmen" about East Belfast Yacht Club and another builder in East Belfast, giving some insight into the only remaining traditional boatbuilders in the area.  

A television documentary on the Club (Under the Bridge) was made by the True North team and broadcast twice in November 2017 and again on 8th. August 2018 and was considered excellent by those who viewed it and responded to us. This also resulted in some contacts offering us some items for the club for which we are very greatful. Many thanks to those people involved.  The documentary was again broadcast in August 2020.

Some Club members have also been involved in the refurbishment of a large barge (Nolly) in Bangor and its subsequent move to Belfast Harbour Marina where it has attracted considerable attention from public and press alike.

Click here for East Belfast Yacht Club on YouTube to see more videos.

For now, check out the current videos  about the 23ft (7mtr) radio controlled model Titanic which was built by our member Paul Andrews and making its public appearance on Mar. 31 and April 14/15 2012 as part of the Titanic centenary in the Abercorn Basin Belfast. New video on Youtube of "Titanic" in Carrickfergus on 2/06/2012

In pas years 2016 and 2017 we are pleased to have have hosted film crews with facilities for the filming of episodes of  " Line  of Duty" television series and are very pleased with the resulting screenings. Cast and crew were very easy to get on with and we would love to see them back again.  LoD was again on site in 2019  for further episodes leading to the end of series 5. We beleive that Series 6 which was being filmed until March this year (2020) and stopped because of the Covid19  will be starting filming again in the Autumn.

Another (Big Screen) Movie visited the site and shot some scenes  early in the year for a film with a working title of Zone 414,  We beleive they are to return shortly to work on another scene.

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