East Belfast Yacht Club

    A new 40ft steel cruiser is currently under construction.  28 Dec. 2012.

    As work progresses on this new venture we will be publishing photographs showing the construction.

The first of the construction pics of the new Barge/Cruiser as welding the forward section gets underway.


The hull of this Barge is now nearing completion, the after end of the keel and stern gear yet to be fitted.

Galley taking shape.

Current activities by members at the club cover just about all types of craft from jet-ski's through a new ferro motor cruiser and the refurb of large ferro motor sailer to a build from scratch of a large Barge-Yacht in steel. This is the second barge to be built from steel in this gantry. The first was around fifty two feet and after a trip round Southern Ireland up to Galway is now on Lough Erne. The current build is smaller at forty feet, and is progressing well.

There are many other members cruisers and yachts in various stages of repair, refurbishment and re-build.

As is usual we have a number of hulls that started out as somebody's dream and for one reason or another  have been resigned to the (hope to be resurrected some day) area of hard standing.  

A few photographs of members boats built at our club.  

Sprayaway (40ft) and Bison (43ft) are 

both of ferro-cement construction and the 23ft Remote Controlled model of Titanic is of Ply and GRP construction.

We have spent much time and money on considerable land works this past two years and hope to continue with this work as time and finances allow.  

We have cleared a considerable area of scrub and derilict boats and have levelled and stoned this area to give a large additional hard standing area

for boats being worked on or being refurbished.  This has led to a much better disciplin re the space and order of the boats in this area. The slipway has

also gained from new work including one side now tidied with shuttered concrete and the other side with blockwork and a driveway alongside the slip

around a metre higher.

Successful launch

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